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The Passion of Anna


A lonely man (Max von Sydow) living on an island becomes friends with a woman (Liv Ullmann) whoā€™s lost her family in a car accident, and a couple (Bibi Andersson, Erland Josephson) living nearby. Following Hour of the Wolf and Shame (both in 1968), this was a drama, unusually enough in color, that Ingmar Bergman fit in because he wanted to keep filming in the house where he made Shame. As in the two (much more compelling) predecessors, violence finds its way into peopleā€™s lives, this time in the shape of a stranger torturing animals. Inserted interviews with the actors remain a pointless gimmick.

1969-Sweden. 101 min. Color. Produced byĀ Lars-Owe Carlberg. Written and directed byĀ Ingmar Bergman. Cinematography: Sven Nykvist. Cast: Max von Sydow (Andreas Winkelman), Liv Ullmann (Anna Fromm), Bibi Andersson (Eva VergĆ©rus), Erland Josephson (Elis VergĆ©rus), Erik Hell, Sigge FĆ¼rstā€¦ Hjƶrdis Petterson, Malin Ek.

Trivia: Original title: En passion. Related in some ways to Bergmanā€™s TV movie The Lie (1970).



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