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England, early 19th century; Emma Woodhouse (Gwyneth Paltrow) intends to make a new friend (Toni Collette) of hers and a local minister fall in love, but a farmer comes between them. The first big-screen adaptation of Jane Austenā€™s novel came a year after the successful Sense and Sensibility, but isnā€™t quite up to par. Still, the film benefits from its summer locations and Rachel Portmanā€™s wonderful music score. Paltrow looks very comfortable as the confident Emma who believes herself to be the ultimate matchmaker, but doesnā€™t realize that sheā€™s leaving herself wide open to romantic invitations.Ā 

1996-U.S. 111 min. Color. Written and directed byĀ Douglas McGrath. Novel: Jane Austen. Music: Rachel Portman. Cast: Gwyneth Paltrow (Emma Woodhouse), Jeremy Northam (George Knightley), Toni Collette (Harriet Smith), Greta Scacchi, Juliet Stevenson, Alan Cummingā€¦ Ewan McGregor, Phyllida Law.

Trivia: Miss and Mrs. Bates are played by real-life daughter and mother Sophie Thompson and Phyllida Law. The novel was also filmed as Emma. (2020).

Oscar: Best Original Comedy Score.Ā 



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