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Holiday in the Wild


When her husband dumps her right after their son goes off to college, Kate Conrad (Kristin Davis) flies to Africa where she becomes involved in the effort to protect endangered elephants. The main reason for this movie to exist seems to be as a way to spotlight Davis’s commitment to elephant conservation. Nothing wrong with that; in fact, it adds something novel, together with locations in South Africa and Zambia, to a painfully lifeless romance that doesn’t get much spark from the two stars’ performances.

2019-U.S. VOD. 85 min. Color. Directed by Ernie Barbarash. Cast: Kristin Davis (Kate Conrad), Rob Lowe (Derek), Fezile Mpela (Jonathan), John Owen Lowe, Colin Moss, Hayley Owen. 

Trivia: Davis’s son is played by Lowe’s real-life son.



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