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The King of Comedy


Autograph hunter Rupert Pupkin (Robert De Niro) idolizes the legendary late-night TV host Jerry Langford (Jerry Lewis) and does everything in his power to launch a standup-comedy career on Langfordā€™s show. After Raging Bull (1980), Martin Scorsese turned to comedy with a story partly inspired by a Johnny Carson stalker. Following Pupkinā€™s increasingly desperate attempts to get close to Lewisā€™s TV host is superbly awkward; the dark themes of obsession and an all-consuming search for fame makes the film a humorous companion to Taxi Driver (1976). De Niro is brilliant as the loser with a studio in his momā€™s basement, but Lewis and Sandra Bernhard are also terrific as the host and another one of his crazed fans.

1983-U.S. 109 min. Color. Produced byĀ Arnon Milchan. Directed byĀ Martin Scorsese. Screenplay: Paul D. Zimmerman. Cast: Robert De Niro (Rupert Pupkin), Jerry Lewis (Jerry Langford), Diahnne Abbott (Rita Keane), Sandra Bernhard, Shelley Hack, Tony Randallā€¦ Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio.Ā Cameo:Ā Martin Scorsese.

Trivia:Ā Filmed in 1981. Johnny Carson, Frank Sinatra and Orson Welles were allegedly considered for the part of Langford.

BAFTA: Best Original Screenplay.

Trivia: “Over the years, I began to realize how genuine and how serious my involvement in ‘The King of Comedy’ was. De Niro noticed that connection in Paul Zimmermanā€™s script first. De Niro was also more aware of autograph people and the idolization for the sake of idolization of celebrities. I understand that now, but I stumbled my way through it each day back then. Being around Jerry Lewis helped. He was an idol of mine, and represented all aspects of American show business, which meant a lot to me. [‘King of Comedy’] is about a certain aspect of our culture, and also about not taking yourself too seriously, even though I do. All of that came out during the making of the film.” (Scorsese, Vanity Fair)



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