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Little Voice


When talent scout Ray Say (Michael Caine) hears how a reclusive young woman called Little Voice (Jane Horrocks) is able to imitate the singing voices of stars like Judy Garland and Marilyn Monroe to uncanny effect, he sees a chance to finally make money. Horrocks honed her performance on the stage and is terrific in the role of a lifetime as the mousy girl with a tremendous gift; she does her own singing and sounds just like those old stars. Caine and Brenda Blethyn try to out-scream and out-vulgar each other in their performances, but manage to convey a sense of tragedy in their beaten-down characters. The movie as a whole is funny and touching.Ā 

1998-Britain-U.S. 96 min. Color. Produced byĀ Elizabeth Karlsen. Written and directed byĀ Mark Herman. Play: Jim Cartwright (ā€The Rise and Fall of Little Voiceā€). Cast: Jane Horrocks (Laura “LV” Hoff), Michael Caine (Ray Say), Brenda Blethyn (Mari Hoff), Jim Broadbent, Ewan McGregor, Annette Badland.

Golden Globe: Best Actor (Caine).

Last word: “There had been a few screenplays.Ā  Jim CartwrightĀ ā€“ who wrote the original play ā€“ had done one, and so had Sam [Mendes]. I felt they were all a bit stage-bound so felt I could only direct it if I could have a fresh run at the screenplay. There were also some casting issues to agree upon. I had heard some ugly rumours and wanted to be absolutely sure Jane Horrocks would be playing Little Voice, otherwise the project didnā€™t appeal to me. The rumours were that it was to be set in America, with an American cast, and having been knocked out by the stage play a couple of years earlier, I couldnā€™t quite get a grasp on that.” (Herman, Den of Geek)



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