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Nacho Libre


Ignacio (Jack Black), who grew up in a Mexican monastery and now works there as a cook, decides to become a fearless wrestler, but that is frowned upon. The Napoleon Dynamite director turned to Jack Black for this crazy concept and theyā€™ve tried to make the film look as charmingly low-budget as Jared Hessā€™s first film, but thereā€™s not much beneath the surface. Still, the Mexican environs compensate a bit and Black (as always) scores points by having his ridiculous character behave like heā€™s on a mission to change the world.

2006-U.S. 91 min. Color. Directed byĀ Jared Hess. Cast: Jack Black (Ignacio), Ana de la Reguera (Sister EncarnacĆ­on), HĆ©ctor JimĆ©nez (Esqueleto), Troy Gentile, Moises Arias, Lauro Chartrand… Peter Stormare.



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