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The Door in the Floor


When college student Eddie O’Hare (Jon Foster) is hired by a children’s novelist (Jeff Bridges) to be his assistant, he becomes involved in the deteriorating relationship between his boss and his wife (Kim Basinger). It takes a while before one is moved by this adaptation of the first third of a John Irving novel, but that’s what happens when the two leads are this troubled; their way of dealing with a tragedy is to try and hurt each other as much as possible. Still, once we fully realize what’s going on between them and what part the college student plays, the events and emotional outbursts are put in their proper context. Terrific performances by the two stars.

2004-U.S. 111 min. Color. Widescreen. Produced by¬†Anne Carey, Ted Hope, Michael Corrente. Written and directed by¬†Tod Williams. Novel: John Irving (“A Widow for One Year”). Cast: Jeff Bridges (Ted Cole), Kim Basinger (Marion Cole), Jon Foster (Eddie O’Hare), Elle Fanning, Bijou Phillips, Mimi Rogers.

Last word: “I think the movie makes the Hamptons look and feel like the most seductive place in the world, and then it rots before your eyes. […] Usually people are happy when a movie crew comes to town. But in the Hamptons, everyone‚Äôs annoyed. You just feel like a bum. Like a beggar. You can‚Äôt afford to buy food for your crew.” (Williams, New York Magazine)



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