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A stand-up comic who makes fun of the trivial things in life while doing nothing, really, with her three sarcastic friends? Obviously, somebody watched a lot of Seinfeld. Ellen, a bookstore owner, always interfered where she shouldnā€™t and rambled uncontrollably when a situation made her nervous. People in her life were java buff Joe, self-centered Paige, cousin Spence and shrill Audrey, an apparition in pink. Not terribly funny in the beginning even if the show had few interesting charactersā€¦ but changes were made. Ellen DeGeneres eventually outed herself on the show ā€“ but it was canceled shortly thereafter. Pity. The final episodes showed this could have been a winner.

1994-1998:U.S. Made for TV. 109 episodes. Color.Ā Created byĀ Neal Marlens, Carol Black, David S. Rosenthal. Cast: Ellen DeGeneres (Ellen Morgan), David Anthony Higgins (Joe Farrell, 94-98), Joely Fisher (Paige Clark, 94-98), Jeremy Piven (95-98), Arye Gross (94-96), Clea Lewis (95-98), Holly Fulger (94), Maggie Wheeler (94).

Trivia: The showā€™s title in the first season: These Friends of Mine.

Emmys: Outstanding Writing 96-97, Guest Actress (Emma Thompson) 97-98.



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