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Tuesdays with Morrie

tuesdayswithmorrieOprah Winfrey’s TV production of the huge bestseller is undoubtedly gripping, telling the story of sports writer Mitch Albom who led a very busy life where nothing mattered more than his job; everything changed the day when he met his old college teacher again, who was dying of A.L.S. This was Jack Lemmonā€™s last leading part and that fact may have added to the sadness of his performance. In any case, he is absolutely marvelous and Hank Azaria valiantly tries to match him. A cynic might say that the story has nothing but clichĆ©s that simplify serious issues, but the film is made in an obviously tender and loving way.Ā 

1999-U.S. Made for TV. 100 min. Color. Produced byĀ Kate Forte, Oprah Winfrey. Directed byĀ Mick Jackson. Teleplay: Tom Rickman. Novel: Mitch Albom. Cast: Jack Lemmon (Morrie Schwarz), Hank Azaria (Mitch Albom), Wendy Moniz (Janine), Caroline Aaron, Bonnie Bartlett.

Emmys: Outstanding TV Movie, Actor (Lemmon), Supporting Actor (Azaria).

Last word: “Working with Jack Lemmon was a tremendous learning experience. I asked him a lot about acting. It was actually very moving when I realized halfway through shooting thatā€¦ Jack actually was quite ill when he shot that, so I think thatā€™s why the material spoke to him so much.” (Azaria, A.V. Club)



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