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In the Realm of the Senses

Tokyo, 1936; hotel owner Kichizo Ishida (Tatsuya Fuji) molests a maid (Eiko Matsuda) who used to work as a prostitute, which is the beginning of an all-consuming love affair. Inspired by real events, this film became a controversial hit, banned in many places for its sexual and violent ingredients; it’s a rare example of a non-pornographic film where the actors clearly engage in unsimulated sex. Very well directed and photographed where the beauty and forbidden energy of the sex turns into a revolt against the autocratic Japan of the 1930s. Still, there’s not much depth beyond that. 

1976-Japan-France. 105 min. Color. Written and directed by Nagisa Oshima. Cinematography: Hideo Ito. Music: Minoru Miki. Cast: Tatsuya Fuji (Kichizo Ishida), Eiko Matsuda (Sada Abe), Aio Nakajima (Toku), Meika Seri, Yasuko Matsui, Taiji Tonoyama.

Trivia: Original title: Ai no korida. The story was previously filmed in Japan as A Woman Called Sada Abe (1975) and then again as Sada (1998).



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