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Not part of the director’s trilogy that began with Songs From the Second Floor (2000), but you’d be forgiven for making that mistake. Roy Andersson remains true to his style and themes, setting up tableaux depicting the plight of gray working-class men and women. In his little dollhouse, the presentation is meticulous, the colors drab and the humor irresistibly absurd. Sometimes he touches on specific, socially relevant issues and sometimes he tries to say something about our times by examining the past; there’s a pathetic visit to Hitler’s bunker. Uneven, but always worth a look.

2019-Sweden-Germany-Norway. 78 min. Color. Written and directed by Roy Andersson. Cinematography: Gergely Pálos. Cast: Jan-Eje Ferling, Bengt Bergius, Thore Flygel, Martin Serner, Tatiana Delaunay.

Trivia: Original title: Om det oändliga.

Venice: Best Director.



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