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The Unlikely Murderer

On a late winter evening in 1986, a graphic designer (Robert Gustafsson) becomes the unlikely murderer of Swedenā€™s Prime Minister. What was initially presented in 2020 by the prosecutor in charge of the investigation as the definitive answer to the question of who committed the murder of Olof Palme remains an intriguing but unproved theory. This miniseries crafts a compelling, icy depiction of the murder and its consequences for Engstrƶm, a man supposedly driven by a desire to be the object of attention. Gustafsson, aided by heavy prosthetics, is convincing in a sad, tense performance.

2021-Sweden. Made for TV. 228 min. Color. Widescreen. Directed byĀ Charlotte BrƤndstrƶm, Simon Kaijser. Teleplay: Wilhelm Behrman, Niklas Rockstrƶm. Book: Thomas Pettersson. Cinematography: Aril Wretblad. Cast: Robert Gustafsson (Stig Engstrƶm), Eva Melander (Margareta Engstrƶm), Mikael Persbrandt (Hans HolmĆ©r), Bjƶrn Bengtsson, Peter Andersson, Magnus Krepperā€¦ Torkel Petersson, Shanti Roney, Lia Boysen, Jonas Malmsjƶ.

Trivia: Original title: Den osannolika mƶrdaren. Originally shown in five episodes. Gustafsson was actually in the same movie theater as Palme on the night of the murder.



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