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Dancing Queens

23-year-old Dylan (Molly Nutley), who’s mourning the loss of her mother, joins a local drag act, pretending to be a young man with international dancing experience. A contrived and predictable story that tries to touch our hearts with its depiction of grief and entertain us with Dylan’s attempts to revive a failing drag show where the aging star refuses to leave Gloria Gaynor in the past. Nutley is never convincing as a man, but her mother, director Helena Bergström, still knows how to take advantage of her charm.

2021-Sweden. VOD. 110 min. Color. Directed by Helena Bergström. Screenplay: Helena Bergström, Denize Karabuda. Cast: Molly Nutley (Dylan Petterson), Christopher Wollter (Micke Seth), Fredrik Quiñones (Victor), Claes Malmberg, Marie Göranzon, Mattias Nordkvist… Rakel Wärmländer, Dominika Peczynski.

Trivia: Co-executive produced by Colin Nutley. 



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