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Circus of Books


Circus of Books is part of the gay history of Los Angeles, a landmark store selling hardcore gay porn, run by a married Jewish couple who were also raising a family. This documentary was made by their daughter, chronicling the waning days of the business as her aging parents are closing everything down. Itā€™s also a look back at how they were targeted by the FBI during Reaganā€™s moral crusade and what the store meant to men who had to exist in the shadows in those years. People like Larry Flynt and gay-porn legend Jeff Stryker weigh in, but itā€™s also a loving portrait of the Masons and how they balanced their business with family, faith and one of their sons coming out.Ā 

2020-U.S. VOD. 92 min. Color-B/W. Produced byĀ Adam Baran, Cynthia Childs, Camilla Hall, Kathryn Robson. Directed byĀ Rachel Mason. Screenplay: Rachel Mason, Kathryn Robson. Editing: Kathryn Robson.

Last word: “Whatā€™s happened since the film has come out is so many people say that scene with Josh is the most relatable [in the film] because so many were not like me. Artists tend to be unafraid and on a maverick side of things, but most people are more like Josh and I think he and his openness to tell that story was game changing. Then my momā€™s ability to tell her story and to rethink her religious values is the hidden truth of the film. Itā€™s not really a film about gay porn, as much as I would like it to be. It ended up being a film about my family and what my mom endured with her religious training.” (Mason, MoveableFest.com)



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