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Hatfields & McCoys


Shortly after the Civil War, two families in the West Virginia-Kentucky area begin a feud that takes on epic proportions over the following three decades. The story of the most notorious family feud in American history gets an exciting and handsome treatment in the History channelā€™s first stab at scripted drama. Over almost five hours, the sorry feud plays out as it becomes increasingly bloody, leading to countless deaths, battles in the courtroom and skirmishes out in the fields. Above all, this is a conventional but engaging illustration of never-ending, pathetic male aggression and how it destroys two whole clans. Good cast.

2012-U.S. Made for TV. 290 min. Color. Produced byĀ Kevin Costner, Darrell Fetty, Herb Nanas, Vlad Paunescu, Joanne Rubino. Directed byĀ Kevin Reynolds. Teleplay: Ted Mann, Ronald Parker. Cast: Bill Paxton (Randolph ā€Randallā€ McCoy), Kevin Costner (William Anderson ā€Devil Anseā€ Hatfield), Tom Berenger (Jim Vance), Powers Boothe, Mare Winningham, Jena Malone.

Trivia: Originally shown in three episodes.

Emmys: Outstanding Actor (Costner), Supporting Actor (Berenger). Golden Globe: Best Actor (Costner).Ā 

Last word: “I really appreciated how we were treated while we were there. I was in Transylvania on a full moon. It doesnā€™t get any weirder or better than that. But, in a time when weā€™re fighting for American jobs, suddenly we find ourselves making a quintessential American movie overseas. How do we keep production in the U.S.? I donā€™t know. But, we were served very well by the people out there. They are really strong people. No matter what the weather conditions were, you looked and people were right there with us. Itā€™s not how I would have drawn it. I would have preferred it to be in America. But, this is how it played.” (Costner on filming in Romania, Collider)



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