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On the way to Silverado, four men (Kevin Kline, Scott Glenn, Kevin Costner, Danny Glover) get to know each other and form a union against those who do them wrong. Lawrence Kasdan successfully took on an erotic thriller (Body Heat) and a nostalgic drama (The Big Chill), but westerns turned out to be right up his alley as well, lovingly embracing old clichĆ©s from the genreā€™s golden days. The film has its lulls, but is frequently punctuated with shootouts, fun and adventure. The four leads and their growing friendship is part of the appeal. Handsomely photographed in New Mexico, with a stirring music score.

1985-U.S. 132 min. Color. Widescreen. Produced and directed byĀ Lawrence Kasdan. Screenplay: Lawrence Kasdan, Mark Kasdan. Cinematography: John Bailey. Music: Bruce Broughton. Cast: Kevin Kline (Paden), Scott Glenn (Emmett), Kevin Costner (Jake), Danny Glover (Mal), John Cleese, Rosanna Arquetteā€¦ Brian Dennehy, Linda Hunt, Jeff Goldblum, Jeff Fahey, Richard Jenkins.

Trivia: Jenkinsā€™s first feature film.

Last word: “It very much came out of my relationship with my brother. Not only had he introduced me to movies in a passionate way, but he particularly introduced me to westerns. So when I came off of ‘Big Chill’ and could do anything I wanted to do, I said to him ‘Let’s do a fun western.’ This was a time when westerns were very much out of style. We wanted to show people what was so great about westerns, what a great landscape and canvas it is. So we sat down and wrote something sort of post-modern. Unlike ‘Wyatt Earp’, it appreciates the fun aspects of westerns, and plays upon our expectations about certain kinds of set pieces. It was a wonderful experience.” (Kasdan, The Hollywood Interview)



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