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Wind River


When a tracker (Jeremy Renner) finds a frozen body of a teenage girl on the Wyoming Wind River Indian reservation, the FBI sends an agent (Elizabeth Olsen) whoā€™s ill-prepared for the conditionsā€¦ As a director, Taylor Sheridan follows the style set in his scripts for Sicario and Hell or High Water, creating a modern Western where he lets his heroes and villains deal with the dangers of today. This exciting, well-acted thriller addresses sexual crimes committed against women on reservations; the identity of the killer is not meant to be a big mystery, but Sheridan expertly builds tension and throws in explosive shootouts. There is a lot of emotion and heart underneath the punishing but beautiful wintry surface.

2017-U.S.-France-Britain. 107 min. Color. Widescreen. Produced byĀ Elizabeth A. Bell, Peter Berg, Wayne Rogers, Basil Iwanyk, Matthew George. Written and directed byĀ Taylor Sheridan. Cinematography: Ben Richardson. Cast: Jeremy Renner (Cory Lambert), Elizabeth Olsen (Jane Banner), Graham Greene (Ben Shoyo), Kelsey Asbille, Gil Birmingham, Julia Jones.

Last word: “With this specific subject matter I was very worried that, you know, someone else would have a different vision for it and slight alterations to very specific things in here would alter the course of what I was trying to convey, and, you know, in order to write this story I had to ā€¦ I had given my word to some people in Indian country, you know, it took a lot of trust to let me tell the story and I just couldnā€™t run the risk of someone altering that vision. (Sheridan on why he wanted this film to be his directing debut, Collider)



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