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Speak Easily


College professor Timoleon Zanders Post (Buster Keaton) is tricked into believing that he‚Äôs inherited a small fortune, which leads him on a journey that ends in small town and its local theater. One of two talkies that Keaton made with Jimmy Durante that year (the other one being The Passionate Plumber) has the star playing a conservative academic who gets a taste for life while working with Durante‚Äôs comedian on a dancing show. Eventually they get a shot at Broadway, and the last half hour offers an enjoyably chaotic performance. Good for a few laughs, and it‚Äôs nice to see Durante do ‚ÄĚSingin‚Äô in the Rain‚ÄĚ 20 years before the movie.

1932-U.S. 82 min. B/W. Produced by Buster Keaton. Directed by Edward Sedgwick. Cast: Buster Keaton (Timoleon Zanders Post), Jimmy Durante (James), Ruth Selwyn (Pansy Peets), Thelma Todd, Hedda Hopper, Sidney Toler.



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