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The Quiet Roar

68-year old Marianne (Evabritt Strandberg) is dying and agrees to a form of therapy where she’s injected with a hallucinogenic drug that makes her confront her past as a mother and wife. A slow-moving existentialist drama that gives Strandberg a good role as the woman who travels 40 years back to a vacation in the mountains with her family. An interesting idea that doesn’t really turn into anything moving or insightful. Attractively shot, but too many scenes look overly designed and artificial. Hanna Schygulla is wasted in a small role.

2014-Sweden. 77 min. Color. Directed by Henrik Hellström. Screenplay: Henrik Hellström, Fredrik Wenzel. Cinematography: Fredrik Wenzel. Cast: Evabritt Strandberg (Marianne), Hanna Schygulla (Eva), Jörgen Svensson (The Husband), Joni Francéen (Young Marianne).



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