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Virgin Mountain


On his birthday, F√ļsi (Gunnar J√≥nsson), who‚Äôs never been in a relationship, attends dance class as a gift from his mother and her lover and meets a woman (Ilmur Kristj√°nsd√≥ttir)‚Ķ but she has issues of her own. Presenting an urban Iceland plagued by storms and sleet, this low-key drama won‚Äôt attract any tourists, but that‚Äôs hardly the point. It‚Äôs a gentle portrait of a very gentle hulk of a man who couldn‚Äôt hurt a fly. J√≥nsson carres this film as we follow his gradual awakening from a lonely life as essentially a shy boy in a grown man‚Äôs body. His budding romance with Sj√∂fn engages us, even if the film as a whole is a bit underwhelming.

2015-Iceland-Denmark. 94 min. Color. Written and directed by¬†Dagur K√°ri. Cast: Gunnar J√≥nsson (F√ļsi), Ilmur Kristj√°nsd√≥ttir (Sj√∂fn), Sigurj√≥n Kjartansson (M√∂r√įur), Margr√©t Helga J√≥hannsd√≥ttir, Franziska Una Dagsd√≥ttir, Arnar J√≥nsson.

Trivia: Original title: F√ļsi. Co-produced by Baltasar Korm√°kur.



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