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Road to the Well


After being attacked by a man in disguise, Frank (Laurence Fuller) ends up with a dead woman on his hands and asks an old friend, Jack (Micah Parker), who’s now a drifter, for help. A low-budget indie thriller that tries to find its own quirky tone as its two protagonists drive up north in California with a body in the trunk of a car. Takes advantage of its locations and balances tension with off-beat encounters along the journey… but the story feels drawn-out, and it’s not easy to understand just why Frank so willingly follows Jack’s dark whims. 

2016-U.S. 108 min. Color. Written and directed by Jon Cvack. Cast: Laurence Fuller (Frank), Micah Parker (Jack), Barak Hardley (Chris), Rosalie McIntire, Marshall R. Teague.

Trivia: Released to streaming sites and on DVD.



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