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noIn 1988, the Pinochet regime allows the people of Chile to vote on the future of his dictatorship; ad man Ren√© Saavedra (Gael Garc√≠a Bernal) is hired by the opposition to work on their campaign. A film whose ambition is to show the world what the latter days of Pinochet‚Äôs regime looked like to ordinary Chileans ‚Äď a limited sense of freedom, at least for those who could adapt. The film shows the internal debate within the ‚ÄĚNo‚ÄĚ side regarding the nature of the campaign ‚Äď emphasizing happiness becomes a controversial choice for those who had lost friends and families. Compelling and realistic, even though shooting the film on grainy video tape likely amused the filmmakers more than audiences.

2012-Chile-U.S.-France. 110 min. Color. Produced by¬†Daniel Marc Dreifuss, Juan de Dios Larra√≠n, Pablo Larra√≠n. Directed by¬†Pablo Larra√≠n. Screenplay: Pedro Peirano. Play: Antonio Sk√°rmeta (‚ÄĚEl Plebiscito‚ÄĚ). Cast: Gael Garc√≠a Bernal (Ren√© Saavedra), Alfredo Castro (Luis ‚ÄĚLucho‚ÄĚ Guzm√°n), Ant√≥nia Zegers (Ver√≥nica Carvajal), Luis Gnecco, N√©stor Cantillana, Marcial Tagle.

Trivia: Several members of the actual ‚ÄĚNo‚ÄĚ campaign were hired either for smaller roles or to play themselves.

Last word: “Pedro Peirano, the writer, is so smart, he was able to compress this enormous amount of information we had into this story, and also be fun, and funny, and dark, and epic at the same time. It was so funny to shoot, we were laughing all the time when we did it. Making a movie, for me, it‚Äôs so important to have fun when you do it, especially when you‚Äôre shooting it, because otherwise it‚Äôs such hard work.” Larra√≠n, Indiewire)

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