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Look Who’s Back


Look_Whoa_s_Back-329719366-largeAdolf Hitler (Oliver Masucci) is suddenly transported to modern-day Berlin; discovered by a documentary filmmaker (Fabian Busch), the dictator is destined for a TV show. In the hands of director David Wnendt, Timur Vermesā€™s much talked-about satirical novel shares resemblances with Borat (2006), as many of ā€Hitlerā€™sā€ encounters with ordinary Germans arenā€™t scripted and reveal the racism and stupidity raging across the continent that is perfect breeding ground for, if not outright Nazism, then at least similar ideologies. Masucci is well-chosen, but the film would have benefited from a much shorter, focused narrative.

2015-Germany. 116 min. Color. Directed byĀ David Wnendt. Screenplay: David Wnendt, Mizzi Meyer. Novel: Timur Vermes. Cast: Oliver Masucci (Adolf Hitler), Fabian Busch (Fabian Sawatzki), Katja Riemann (Katja Bellini), Christoph Maria Herbst, Franziska Wulf, Michael Kessler.

Trivia: Original title: Er ist wieder da.



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