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prisonersWhen two young girls disappear in a small town, police come up with a suspect (Paul Dano) but not enough to build a case; one of the girls’ father (Hugh Jackman) refuses to accept it. Director Denis Villeneuve’s first American film is a thriller that explores the horror of losing a child and not knowing what happened to her, but it also has an unpredictable story that offers a lot of thrills. Very grim, with appropriately dark, sleet-stained and rainy cinematography, and very intense performances, especially by Jackman as the sturdy carpenter whose drastic actions challenge his faith. Long, and a bit convoluted, but gripping.Ā 

2013-U.S. 153 min. Color.Ā Produced byĀ Kira Davis, Broderick Johnson, Adam Kolbrenner, Andrew A. Kosove.Ā Directed byĀ Denis Villeneuve.Ā Screenplay:Ā Aaron Guzikowski.Ā Cinematography:Ā Roger Deakins.Ā Cast:Ā Hugh Jackman (Keller Dover), Jake Gyllenhaal (Loki), Viola Davis (Nancy Birch), Maria Bello, Terrence Howard, Melissa Leoā€¦ Paul Dano.

Trivia:Ā Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale were allegedly considered for lead roles; Bryan Singer and Antoine Fuqua for directing duties.

Last word:Ā ā€œWhen I read the ‘Prisoners’Ā script I felt a deep connection, but I threw it away because Iā€™d just made two dark movies and I didn’t want to go there again. But in the end what inspires me are sad, dark stories, and letā€™s face it, the world is not an easy place to live in right now. I feel that cinema is a way to explore my relationship with the world and what I am afraid of. [ā€¦]Ā Hugh was super easy to direct; he was totally committed. But I felt that sometimes he needed that we walk together in the darkness; I needed to push him a little. I always felt that as an artist he was ready to go into that zone of intensity.ā€ (Villeneuve, SBS)

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