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faro_teaserposter_sv_v02-420x596After a murder, a man (Jakob Cedergren) takes his young daughter (Clara Christiansson) and escapes into the woods where they create a new life without any worries about what might happen next. Fredrik Edfeldt followed up his The Girl (2010) with a similar film ‚Äď once again, the period is likely the 1980s and the focus lies on the experiences of a young girl who has to fend for herself in wild surroundings. She’s got a loving father, but this will be their last summer together. Nostalgic, beautiful and innocent, with a good performance by Christiansson‚Ķ but don’t look for anything hugely profound.

2013-Sweden. 88 min. Color. Widescreen. Directed by Fredrik Edfeldt. Screenplay: Karin Arrhenius. Cinematography: Mattias Montero. Music: Matti Bye. Cast: Jakob Cedergren (The Dad), Clara Christiansson (Hella), Gunnel Fred (The Lady in the Forest), Maria Heiskanen, Göran Stangertz.

Trivia: Original title: Faro.

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