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Win Win


winwinSmall-town New Jersey lawyer Mike Flaherty (Paul Giamatti) is in financial trouble and makes a decision that will earn him money disingenuously‚Ķ but also settles him with a runaway 16-year-old. As in The Station Agent¬†(2003) and The Visitor (2008), Tom McCarthy portrays people warmly and intelligently, making us feel close to them; the story’s complications unfold in natural ways and high-school wrestling becomes a symbol of life’s weightier battles. Giamatti is superb as the attorney who might just have found a deal that’s a win-win for everybody involved, but McCarthy’s also reserved a perfect, colorful supporting role for his long-time buddy Bobby Cannavale.

2011-U.S. 106 min. Color. Produced by Tom McCarthy, Lisa Maria Falcone, Michael London, Mary Jane Skalski. Written and directed by Tom McCarthy. Cast: Paul Giamatti (Mike Flaherty), Amy Ryan (Jackie Flaherty), Bobby Cannavale (Terry Delfino), Jeffrey Tambor, Burt Young, Alex Shaffer.

Last word: “[Not satirizing]¬†was very important. It was a top priority. I‚Äôd add to that with not patronizing, being¬†condescending, sentimentalizing, or¬†trivializing. All those things we were trying to avoid. We talked a lot about that at every stage of production from costume design to production design to, obviously, the script stage and performance. I think the¬†beginning¬†of it was the script, which is where it always starts. I think, quite honestly, it‚Äôs why I included my good friend¬†Joe Tiboni, who had never actually written a screenplay or been involved in anything like this. He‚Äôs an attorney who lives in New Providence, is married, and has two little girls. There are¬†definitely similarities between him and Mike Flaherty. That said, it stops there.” (McCarthy, Film School Rejects)

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