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Mildred Pierce


mildredpierce11In the early 1930s, the newly divorced Mildred Pierce (Kate Winslet) reluctantly gets a job as a waitress and soon comes up with a way to make a lot of money; her sole motivation is the happiness of her ungrateful, oldest daughter.Ā This miniseries remake of the 1945 film is closer to James M. Cainā€™s original story and ditches the noir feel in favor of Depression-era realism. TheĀ Far from HeavenĀ director is certainly at ease with a melodrama of this type, although the bloated running time tries oneā€™s patience. This is ultimately a treat, with excellent performances, exquisite period details and a story that paints a juicy portrait of a woman who can do anything ā€“ but win the love of her daughter.

2011-U.S. Made for TV. 360 min. Color. Directed byĀ Todd Haynes. Teleplay: Todd Haynes, Jon Raymond. Novel: James M. Cain. Music: Carter Burwell. Cast: Kate Winslet (Mildred Pierce), Guy Pearce (Monty Beragon), Evan Rachel Wood (Veda Pierce), BrĆ­an F. O’Byrne, Melissa Leo, James LeGros.

Trivia:Ā Originally shown in five episodes.

Emmys:Ā Outstanding Actress (Winslet), Supporting Actor (Pearce).Ā Golden Globe:Ā Best Actress (Winslet).

Last word: “We approached it as a long-form film, but I was aware of making it for a different audience and being respectful of that. Itā€™s not necessarily a film-savvy audience that weā€™re addressing, itā€™s people sitting innocently in their living rooms! So I looked at the filmmaking of the ā€™70s that introduced the mini-series as a really valid dramatic form ā€“ a lot were British series that we saw on ‘Masterpiece Theatre’ ā€“ and movies that took classic genres and made them feel weirdly connected to the moment. Films like ‘The Godfather’, ‘Chinatown’Ā and ‘The Exorcist’ brought a realism and currency and understatement to their genres that we wanted for ‘Mildred Pierce’.” (Haynes, Time Out)



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