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Valentine’s Day


valentinesdayIf Hallmark Valentine‚Äôs Day cards make you go ‚Äúaww‚ÄĚ, then this is a movie for you. Director Garry Marshall and his star-studded cast introduce us to a great number of stories about people and their romantic relationships on the supposedly most love-filled day of the year, most of them shallow, all of them unable to make our hearts go ba-boom. The movie is overlong, saccharine and occasionally downright stupid, as in the predictable friendship between Jennifer Garner and Ashton Kutcher.

2010-U.S. 124 min. Color. Directed by Garry Marshall. Cast: Ashton Kutcher (Reed Bennett), Jessica Alba (Morley Clarkson), Jennifer Garner (Julia Fitzpatrick), Julia Roberts, Patrick Dempsey, Bradley Cooper… Anne Hathaway, Jamie Foxx, Jessica Biel, Shirley MacLaine, Queen Latifah, George Lopez, Hector Elizondo, Taylor Lautner, Taylor Swift, Kathy Bates, Eric Dane, Topher Grace.

Razzie: Worst Actor (Kutcher), Supporting Actress (Alba).

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