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Death Wish


deathwishWhen his wife is murdered and daughter raped by a gang of thugs, a liberal architect (Charles Bronson) turns into a vigilante.¬†No gun nut could ever resist this celebration of a man who cleans up the streets of New York on his own ‚Äď too bad though that the filmmakers ignored the part in author Brian Garfield‚Äôs book where vigilantism turns out not to be such a simple solution. The film is both cruel and absurd at times (the muggers mostly behave like a combo of apes and silent film villains)‚Ķ but it is also exciting, well directed and Bronson‚Äôs character is of course easy to empathize with.

1974-U.S. 93 min. Color. Directed by Michael Winner. Novel: Brian Garfield. Music: Herbie Hancock. Cast: Charles Bronson (Paul Kersey), Hope Lange (Joanna Kersey), Vincent Gardenia (Frank Ochoa), Steven Keats, William Redfield, Stuart Margolin… Olympia Dukakis, Christopher Guest, Jeff Goldblum.

Trivia: Steve McQueen, Clint Eastwood, Jack Lemmon and Frank Sinatra were allegedly considered for the part of Kersey; Sidney Lumet for directing duties. Followed by four sequels, starting with Death Wish II (1982). Remade as Death Wish (2018). 

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