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Absentminded professor Philip Brainard (Robin Williams) invents a brilliant thing, flying rubber ‚Äď and forgets his own wedding for the third time. This remake of The Absent Minded Professor (1961) is fashioned in the style of John Hughes‚Äôs previous movies from the 1990s; kids might go for it, but it‚Äôs not as magical as it would like to be. Williams has his moments, but the true star is actually the visual effects. The ‚Äúflubber‚ÄĚ is a cheerfully unruly green glob of goo that even manages to put on a Busby Berkeley-style dance number.¬†

1997-U.S. 93 min. Color. Directed by Les Mayfield. Cast: Robin Williams (Philip Brainard), Marcia Gay Harden (Sara Jean Reynolds), Christopher McDonald (Wilson Croft), Raymond J. Barry, Clancy Brown, Ted Levine.

Trivia: Co-produced by Hughes. Nancy Olson, one of the actors from the original film, has a cameo. 



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