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Don’t Say a Word


dontsayawordMichael Douglas grows older in his movies but his young families never do. Isnā€™t that typical? Still, this is a fairly exciting thriller where he as a family man and brilliant psychiatrist faces a worthy challenge ā€“ he must make a mental patient give him a six-digit code, or else his kidnapped daughter will die. This is undeniably a contrived tale, but cleverly put together and that counts for a lot. The villains are predictably very unsympathetic, but Brittany Murphy does her role justice as the post-traumatically stressed girl who doesnā€™t feel like sharing…

2001-U.S. 113 min. Color. Widescreen. Directed byĀ Gary Fleder. Novel: Andrew Klavan. Cast: Michael Douglas (Nathan Conrad), Sean Bean (Patrick Koster), Brittany Murphy (Elizabeth Burrows), Famke Janssen, Oliver Platt, Jennifer Esposito.

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