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Isle of Dogs

20 years into the future, the mayor of a Japanese city banishes all dogs to an isolated island after an outbreak of canine influenza. Wes Anderson returned to animated films after Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009), once again with talking animals in the leads. The director was inspired by Kurosawa films and the Rankin/Bass animation from … Continue reading Isle of Dogs

Trespassing Bergman

Edited together (with partly new material) from a documentary series, this film examines (in chronological order) the career and films of Ingmar Bergman through the eyes of numerous prominent filmmakers and actors who have been more or less touched by the Master’s work. Some of them also visit the stark island in Sweden where Bergman … Continue reading Trespassing Bergman

Grand Budapest Hotel: Fighting a European Sickness

In February 1942, the Jewish writer Stefan Zweig and his wife were found dead in Brazil after committing suicide. In his native Austria, World War I had turned Zweig into a pacifist; when Hitler rose to power in Germany, the author fled to America and stayed in New York City for a while before moving … Continue reading Grand Budapest Hotel: Fighting a European Sickness

Moonrise Kingdom

In 1965, an orphaned boy scout and his new-found girlfriend (Jared Gilman, Kara Hayward) run away from home, which prompts a search. This will no doubt satisfy die-hard fans of Wes Anderson who has made another dollhouse of a movie, one that offers meticulously designed scenes that mirror Anderson’s sepia-toned artistic vision and fondness for … Continue reading Moonrise Kingdom

Fantastic Mr. Fox

DIG THE LIFE FANTASTIC. Mr. Fox has started a family and left his old hell-raising days behind, but he finds a reason to do one last dangerous raid against three farmers. It may seem as if director Wes Anderson has chosen a completely new path in his career, but this animated feature has many of … Continue reading Fantastic Mr. Fox

Bottle Rocket

THEY’RE NOT REALLY CRIMINALS, BUT EVERYBODY’S GOT TO HAVE A DREAM. Along with their neighbor Bob Mapplethorpe (Robert Musgrave), best friends Dignan and Anthony (Owen and Luke Wilson) decide to form a gang and embark on a career in crime. For their first feature film, director Wes Anderson and Owen Wilson expanded the story of an … Continue reading Bottle Rocket

The Darjeeling Limited

Peter and Jack (Adrian Brody, Jason Schwartzman) reunite with their brother Francis (Owen Wilson) on a train in India; they haven’t talked in a while, but Francis wants them to bond on this spiritual journey. Fans of director Wes Anderson will recognize his themes, approach and style, but I found myself more interested in the portrayal … Continue reading The Darjeeling Limited

Royal Tenenbaums: Family Business

FAMILY ISN’T A WORD… IT’S A SENTENCE. At the time of its release, famed film critic Leonard Maltin was one of several to point out the fact that Wes Anderson’s new film has no story. He’s right about that, it’s very difficult to tell someone what this movie is about. What it does have however … Continue reading Royal Tenenbaums: Family Business

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

Fans of Jacques Cousteau are either going to be very amused or very insulted by Wes Anderson’s colorful but inconsequential film about a deep-sea explorer (Bill Murray) who mounts an expedition to find the mysterious jaguar shark that killed his best friend. Along for the ride is the explorer’s son (Owen Wilson); the absent father … Continue reading The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou