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The Hummingbird Project

EVERYTHING IS ON THE LINE. When the ambitious Vincent Zaleski (Jesse Eisenberg) convinces his brilliant but socially awkward cousin (Alexander Skarsgård) to join him for a bold project that will have Wall Street’s attention, he has no idea what awaits him. A drama set in the world of trading where speed means everything – in … Continue reading The Hummingbird Project

Money Monster

WHO’S IN CONTROL? During a live broadcast of a financial talk show, a distraught young man (Jack O’Connell) takes the host (George Clooney) hostage and blames him for the loss of his savings. After directing episodes of TV shows, Jodie Foster returned to the silver screen with this thriller-drama that’s largely set in a TV … Continue reading Money Monster

The Wizard of Lies

ONLY THOSE YOU TRUST CAN TRULY BETRAY YOU.  After the ABC miniseries Madoff (2016) came this HBO movie that also paints a portrait of the admired Wall Street tycoon who turned out to have built a Ponzi scheme over decades, the greatest financial fraud in U.S. history. We learn how Madoff orchestrated his scheme and … Continue reading The Wizard of Lies

The Big Short: Dark Days Lie Ahead

THIS IS A TRUE STORY. Brad Pitt must think Michael Lewis is a genius. Perhaps he is. Lewis is the financial journalist who wrote “Moneyball”, a book about a baseball manager who used statistics to win games, and “The Big Short”, about the housing bubble that sent the world into the Great Recession of 2008. … Continue reading The Big Short: Dark Days Lie Ahead


POWER IS THE BEST ALIBI.   His family doesn’t know it, but Wall Street tycoon Robert Miller (Richard Gere) has cooked the books to cover an investment loss, and his relationship with a mistress is about to jeopardize everything he has. Director Nicholas Jarecki’s debut is a tense, dark and smart drama depicting the rot … Continue reading Arbitrage

The Wolf of Wall Street

After the Black Monday stock market crash in 1987, Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio) finds the perfect little boiler room to start over and turn into a rapidly successful brokerage firm, with a steady supply of money, champagne and cocaine. In Martin Scorsese and Boardwalk Empire creator Terence Winter’s hands, the real-life story of convicted Wall … Continue reading The Wolf of Wall Street

Inequality for All

HE’S TAKING THIS FIGHT TO THE STREET. Over the years, President Clinton’s former Secretary of Labor, Robert Reich, has been a welcome, compelling presence both on various talk shows and in universities. His lectures are worth attending because of his vast knowledge of economics, and his (often self-deprecating) sense of humor. He brings those qualities … Continue reading Inequality for All


Director David Cronenberg’s adaptation of the critically acclaimed Don DeLillo novel invites us on an icy, claustrophobic journey together with a young billionaire (Robert Pattinson) who’s about to lose everything as riots shake Manhattan. Largely set inside his luxurious stretch limo, it’s a very talky, incongruous experience that takes on increasingly absurd overtones. Worth a … Continue reading Cosmopolis

Casino Jack

HONOR. INTEGRITY. PRINCIPLES. EVERYTHING IS NEGOTIABLE. In the mid-90s, slick Washington lobbyist Jack Abramoff (Kevin Spacey) gets involved in the world of Indian tribal gaming, which is eventually what will bring him down. The same year as Alex Gibney made his documentary Casino Jack and the United States of Money, this equally flashy (but less … Continue reading Casino Jack

Casino Jack and the United States of Money

MEET JACK ABRAMOFF – AMERICA’S GREATEST LOBBYIST. The story of Jack Abramoff is perfect fodder for a documentary and a fictionalized film – and both were released in 2010 (the latter one being Casino Jack with Kevin Spacey). The former is a slick experience that takes inspiration from Hollywood movies in clever ways – one … Continue reading Casino Jack and the United States of Money

Damages: Power and Personal Ruin

When Glenn Kessler, his younger brother Todd and Daniel Zelman got together to create a new legal show, their idea was not to follow the same path as Law & Order or David E. Kelley. There would be no lengthy courtroom showdowns, or any Boston Legal-type comedy stunts. In fact, Damages was serious business and … Continue reading Damages: Power and Personal Ruin

The Greatest Movie Ever Sold

HE’S NOT SELLING OUT, HE’S BUYING IN. In Super Size Me (2004), Morgan Spurlock spent a month eating nothing but McDonald’s food. In this documentary, he’s selling out to any company that’s prepared to invest in his new movie about product placement and advertising in TV shows and films. Spurlock sure likes to subject himself … Continue reading The Greatest Movie Ever Sold