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After the wacky American Hustle (2013), director David O. Russell reverted to a more solid kind of storytelling along the lines of his The Fighter (2011). This is the real-life story of Joy Mangano (Jennifer Lawrence), the hard-luck, single mom who invented the Miracle Mop and struggled to get her business off the ground. The … Continue reading Joy

Red Riding Hood

WHO’S AFRAID? The medieval village of Daggerhorn is tormented by a werewolf, but no one seems to realize the obvious until the newly-arrived witch hunter Father Solomon (Gary Oldman) points it out – the beast has to be one of the villagers. The Brothers Grimm tale inspired this fantasy that looks like a cross between … Continue reading Red Riding Hood

A Prairie Home Companion

RADIO LIKE YOU’VE NEVER SEEN IT BEFORE.  In his last movie, Robert Altman took elements from real life and turned them into a typical Altman experience, with a large cast, parallel stories and overlapping dialogue. Audiences are introduced to the people involved with “A Prairie Home Companion”, a radio variety show that is airing its … Continue reading A Prairie Home Companion


THEY WILL MAKE HIM STEAL, BUT HE WILL MAKE THEM PAY.  When his family is taken hostage by Bill Cox (Paul Bettany) and his team, security chief Jack Stanfield (Harrison Ford) is forced to come up with a way to rob his own bank on their behalf. Director Richard Loncraine reunited with his Wimbledon (2004) … Continue reading Firewall

Sideways: Hold the Merlot, Please

IN SEARCH OF WINE. IN SEARCH OF WOMEN. IN SEARCH OF THEMSELVES. Director Alexander Payne is on to something here. He has discovered that it is when we travel that we find the time to ponder our lives, meet new people, dare to do things that ordinarily might seem a little scary, and maybe even … Continue reading Sideways: Hold the Merlot, Please