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Green Book

INSPIRED BY A TRUE FRIENDSHIP. In the early 1960s, New York City bouncer Tony ”Lip” (Viggo Mortensen) is hired by an African-American concert pianist (Mahershala Ali) for a tour through the Deep South; he’ll serve as a driver and security. This reality-based dramedy tackles 1960s race relations along the lines of Driving Miss Daisy (1989) … Continue reading Green Book

28 Days

THE LIFE OF THE PARTY… BEFORE SHE GOT A LIFE.  After spectacularly ruining her sister’s wedding, writer Gwen Cummings (Sandra Bullock) chooses 28 days in rehab rather than going to prison… but she has no intention of taking it seriously. A more earnest drama from Betty Thomas than we’re used to, but still with a … Continue reading 28 Days

Captain Fantastic

HE PREPARED THEM FOR EVERYTHING EXCEPT THE OUTSIDE WORLD. When Ben (Viggo Mortensen) receives tragic news, he brings his six children out of the forests where he’s raised them and travels to civilization where he clashes with his wife’s relatives. The director’s feature film debut may look like a deliberately quirky comedy-drama meant to charm … Continue reading Captain Fantastic

Crimson Tide

DANGER RUNS DEEP. Just as the U.S. and Russia are facing the threat of nuclear war, the submarine USS Alabama heads out on a mission with a seasoned commander (Gene Hackman) and a fresh executive officer (Denzel Washington). The most macho submarine thriller you can imagine naturally comes from the director and producer of Top … Continue reading Crimson Tide

A Dangerous Method

BASED ON THE TRUE STORY OF JUNG, FREUD AND THE PATIENT WHO CAME BETWEEN THEM.  In the early 1900s, doctor Carl Jung (Michael Fassbender) takes on a hysterical patient (Keira Knightley) and seeks advice from the influential Sigmund Freud (Viggo Mortensen). Christopher Hampton, the man who gave us “Dangerous Liaisons”, dives back into the darker … Continue reading A Dangerous Method

The Road

IN A MOMENT THE WORLD CHANGED FOREVER. Ever since a huge catastrophic event killed most people, a man and his young son (Viggo Mortensen, Kodi Smit-McPhee) have been trying to survive; the man is becoming increasingly frail and teaches the boy what he knows. John Hillcoat previously made another dystopia, The Proposition (2005), and this … Continue reading The Road


FEELINGS GET YOU KILLED. In 1882, Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch (Ed Harris, Viggo Mortensen) are hired to protect a New Mexico town from a vicious rancher (Jeremy Irons) and his men; a woman (Renée Zellweger) complicates the mission. Harris’s second effort as a director almost looks like a one-man job considering the degree of … Continue reading Appaloosa


UNBRIDLED. UNBROKEN. UNBEATEN.  In 1890, cowboy Frank T. Hopkins (Viggo Mortensen) travels to Arabia to compete with his horse Hidalgo in a race to Damascus; some of his competitors are ruthless. Joe Johnston is a reliable craftsman; this film is an exciting, old-fashioned adventure flick suitable for family audiences. It was reportedly based on reality, … Continue reading Hidalgo

Eastern Promises

EVERY SIN LEAVES A MARK. Anna Khitrova (Naomi Watts helps deliver a 14-year-old Russian girl’s baby, but the girl dies; looking to find out who she was, Anna enlists the help of Russian acquaintances without realizing that they are responsible for the girl’s death. David Cronenberg returns to organized crime (a subject in A History … Continue reading Eastern Promises

A History of Violence

EVERYONE HAS SOMETHING TO HIDE. After killing two criminals, Tom Stall (Viggo Mortensen), the supposedly peaceful owner of a diner, lands in the news spotlight; soon, a disfigured man (Ed Harris) walks into his diner and insists on calling Tom Joey… More conventional than many other David Cronenberg films, but still recognizable to aficionados. The … Continue reading A History of Violence