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Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde

THIS SUMMER… JUSTICE IS BLONDE. Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon) goes to Washington to work for Congresswoman Victoria Rudd (Sally Field); her aim is to introduce a bill to ban animal testing. A sequel we could have done without. The formula, a regular person making a difference in the jaded halls of Congress, is old and … Continue reading Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde

Head of State

THE ONLY THING WHITE IS THE HOUSE. When a presidential candidate is killed in an accident, Washington alderman Mays Gilliam (Chris Rock) becomes his replacement. This is Rock’s big vanity project, much like Harlem Nights (1989) was Eddie Murphy’s. But it’s one piece of political satire that doesn’t fly and that’s because the director is … Continue reading Head of State

An Inconvenient Truth: The Al Gore Show

A GLOBAL WARNING. The man introduces himself as the guy “who used to be the next president of the United States”. Then he gives a passionate speech, a global warning indeed, on the deteriorating quality of our environment. The man is Al Gore, the former Vice President who won the popular vote in 2000 but … Continue reading An Inconvenient Truth: The Al Gore Show

All the King’s Men

TIME BRINGS ALL THINGS TO LIGHT. As the populist Willie Stark (Sean Penn) wins the Louisiana governorship in the 1950s, a reporter (Jude Law) finds himself doing the dirty work for “the people’s governor”. A surprisingly stale remake of the 1949 classic. Director Steven Zaillian’s film has every ingredient to make it an explosive drama, … Continue reading All the King’s Men


HE WAS TRICKY. THEY WERE BETTER. Teen girls Betsy Jobs (Kirsten Dunst) and Arlene Lorenzo (Michelle Williams) witness the Watergate scandal unfold when they are hired by President Richard Nixon (Dan Hedaya) to walk his dog. Maybe the writers had sampled some of the cannabis-laced cookies that are featured in the film; having Nixon as … Continue reading Dick

Silver City

VOTE EARLY. VOTE OFTEN. Private eye Danny O’Brien (Danny Huston) is hired by gubernatorial candidate Dickie Pilager’s (Chris Cooper) people to find the connection between his enemies and a dead body. The U.S. presidential campaign of 2000 inspired John Sayles to make this movie; the result is a Bush-bashing drama that warns us of powerful … Continue reading Silver City

Fahrenheit 9/11: The Era of Bush

THE TEMPERATURE WHERE FREEDOM BURNS! He’s been called a lying, fat moron who hates America. His movies trigger websites claiming to unravel the lies he’s purportedly manufacturing. But Michael Moore does not hate America. Call it a documentary or a propaganda piece, or whatever, but what Fahrenheit 9/11 does is showing the big guy fighting … Continue reading Fahrenheit 9/11: The Era of Bush

Welcome to Mooseport

THE TOWN ISN’T SMALL ENOUGH FOR THE BOTH OF THEM. Ex-president Monroe “Eagle” Cole (Gene Hackman) moves to a small town and agrees to run for mayor; his opponent is an affable plumber (Ray Romano) with commitment issues. That sounds just like Romano’s character on Everybody Loves Raymond, and he does indeed play the plumber … Continue reading Welcome to Mooseport

Path to War

BEYOND THE BATTLEFIELDS OF VIETNAM. INSIDE THE HALLS OF POWER. A DIFFERENT KIND OF WAR WOULD DECIDE THE FATE OF A NATION. Director John Frankenheimer’s last film is an impressive TV drama about those fatal steps toward the Vietnam War that were taken by President Lyndon B. Johnson and his administration. Johnson was focusing on … Continue reading Path to War

Spin City: The New York That Never Was

Producer Gary David Goldberg was responsible for Family Ties, one of the most popular TV shows of the 1980s, which also became a breakthrough for actor Michael J. Fox who played precocious teen Alex. The couple reunited in 1996 for another hit TV show, Spin City, and it looked like Alex was making a comeback. The new … Continue reading Spin City: The New York That Never Was

The Day Reagan Was Shot

THE INCREDIBLE TRUE STORY OF A NATION IN CRISIS.  In March, 1981, President Ronald Reagan was shot and wounded by a disturbed man, an event that surprisingly resulted in Secretary of State Alexander Haig taking charge at the White House. With Oliver Stone as executive producer, one shouldn’t blindly believe everything that happens onscreen… still, … Continue reading The Day Reagan Was Shot


READING. WRITING. REVENGE.  Good high school movies don’t come easily, so catch this one. Most of its themes feel rather adult, not least the political part of the story, with Tracy Flick (Reese Witherspoon) running unopposed for class president and clashing with teacher Jim McAllister (Matthew Broderick) who makes sure that she is challenged. Politics … Continue reading Election