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Deadwood: The Movie

WELCOME THE FUCK BACK. In 1889, as South Dakota is celebrating its entrance into the Union, a few familiar faces are coming back to Deadwood where a significantly weakened Al Swearangen (Ian McShane) is still holding court. It took many years to get this TV movie, a bittersweet and very engaging conclusion to the 2004-2006 … Continue reading Deadwood: The Movie


ONE NATION UNDER SURVEILLANCE FOR LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL.  In 2013, former NSA employee Edward Snowden (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) clandestinely meet with two journalists and a documentary filmmaker in Hong Kong to tell them the story of why he decided to expose the U.S. government’s wide-ranging surveillance of citizens. We already have Laura Poitras’s documentary … Continue reading Snowden

This Is Where I Leave You

WELCOME HOME. GET UNCOMFORTABLE. When their father dies, four siblings return home to sit shiva with their mother (Jane Fonda) for seven days, giving them ample time to air grievances. The most adult movie director Shawn Levy has attempted has laughs and the occasional moment that is almost touching or almost profound, but never reaches … Continue reading This Is Where I Leave You

Deadwood: How the West Was Won

David Milch, already a seasoned showrunner in the mid-aughts with experience from NYPD Blue, came to HBO with plans for a new TV series about the rise of a civilization. He was originally thinking of Rome, but that ship had already sailed with an upcoming show co-created by Bruno Heller and John Milius. Instead, Milch … Continue reading Deadwood: How the West Was Won

I Am Number Four

An alien (Alex Pettyfer) is hiding on Earth as a regular teenager; one of few survivors from his home planet, he’s protected from another alien species by a Guardian (Timothy Olyphant). Science fiction for Twilight fans, perhaps? This one also features a teen in high school with supernatural secrets. Never dull, but awfully mediocre. The … Continue reading I Am Number Four


Pet chameleon Rango is lost in the Mojave Desert and ends up the new sheriff in a small town called Dirt; when its water reserves turn out to be nearly empty, Rango begins to investigate… This has to be the first animated film to include a Hunter S. Thompson joke… but then, Johnny Depp voices … Continue reading Rango


THE BRAVEST PLACE TO STAND IS BY EACH OTHER’S SIDE. A group of Iraq War veterans return to their Texas hometown; when Sergeant Brandon King (Ryan Phillippe) is told that he must go back for another tour of duty, he decides to go AWOL. Every movie about this war has a number of aspects to … Continue reading Stop-Loss

The Girl Next Door

MATT NEVER SAW HER COMING… BUT ALL HIS FRIENDS HAD! 18-year-old Matthew Kidman (Emile Hirsch) is about to graduate high school, but has never stepped outside the box; he gets to know his sexy new neighbor (Elisha Cuthbert) but has no idea that she’s a porn star. When this film opened, everybody pointed out the … Continue reading The Girl Next Door

Live Free or Die Hard

The FBI finds itself under cyber attack and John McClane (Bruce Willis) is ordered to pick up Matt Farrell (Justin Long), a brilliant hacker who might have something to do with it; the mission becomes anything but routine. 24 may once have been inspired by the original Die Hard, but this fourth movie in the series looks more like 24 – the … Continue reading Live Free or Die Hard


FOUR FRIENDS HUNG A DREAMCATCHER IN THEIR CABIN. IT’S ABOUT TO CATCH SOMETHING IT CANNOT STOP. Four friends with extrasensory powers gather on a snowy day in a cabin, little realizing that they will end up in the middle of a hunt for nasty aliens. One fine director and one fine screenwriter somehow manage to … Continue reading Dreamcatcher