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Ralph Breaks the Internet

Ralph and his best friend Vanellope enter the Internet, hoping to find a steering wheel and thereby saving the arcade game that is home to Vanellope and many other game characters… The sequel to Wreck-It Ralph (2012) is an improvement on the original, throwing its characters into an Internet that takes physical form, providing brilliant … Continue reading Ralph Breaks the Internet

Crazy on the Outside

HE SURVIVED THREE YEARS OF HARD TIME. NOW COMES A LITTLE FAMILY TIME.  After being released from prison, Thomas Zelda (Tim Allen) moves in with his sister (Sigourney Weaver)… and soon learns that she was lying when she told him that the love of his life is dead. Allen’s directing debut reunites him with several … Continue reading Crazy on the Outside

Toy Story 3: Beyond Andy

NO TOY GETS LEFT BEHIND. It may seem strange to see the name Lee Unkrich attached to this Pixar extravaganza as director. This is his directing debut, but he’s actually no newcomer, having been part of the Pixar crew for many years and worked on several films, primarily as editor. Toy Story 3 was his chance to … Continue reading Toy Story 3: Beyond Andy

Toy Story 2: Love or Immortality

THE TOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN. In the beginning, no one intended this film to be a theatrical follow-up to Toy Story (1995), the groundbreaking movie that made Pixar famous. The idea was to make a 60-minute sequel that would be released directly to video. When the project turned out to look very promising, a decision was … Continue reading Toy Story 2: Love or Immortality

Toy Story: Beginning a New Era

HANG ON FOR THE COMEDY THAT GOES TO INFINITY AND BEYOND. Who would have thought back in 1995 that computer-animated films would revolutionize the industry? After all, Disney’s hand-drawn The Lion King was still a sensational hit and most people were content to think that computer animation would only remain a technical solution for certain elaborate scenes … Continue reading Toy Story: Beginning a New Era

Wild Hogs

FOUR GUYS FROM THE SUBURBS HIT THE ROAD… AND THE ROAD HIT BACK. Four middle-aged suburbanites decide to take a road trip on their motorcycles, but end up in a feud with a dangerous biker gang in New Mexico. Getting Tim Allen, John Travolta, Martin Lawrence and (especially) William H. Macy together in a comedy … Continue reading Wild Hogs

Christmas with the Kranks

NO! HO! HO! When their daughter can’t come home for Christmas, the Kranks (Tim Allen, Jamie Lee Curtis) decide to go away on a cruise, to the dismay of their neighbors. What is it with Allen and Christmas? Well, much less successful than his Santa Clause franchise, this lousy comedy has a strange attitude where we’re supposed to … Continue reading Christmas with the Kranks