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Extreme Measures

NOT ALL SURGERY IS INTENDED TO CURE. DON’T MOVE A MUSCLE. Can you afford to have moral standards in the fight against cancer? This thriller shares similarities with Coma (1978) in the way it deals with questions regarding medical ethics. Some critics didn’t think Hugh Grant was right for the part of the curious doctor who discovers … Continue reading Extreme Measures

Red Dragon

BEFORE THE SILENCE, THERE WAS THE DRAGON. Shortly after exposing psychiatrist Hannibal Lecter (Anthony Hopkins) as a serial killer, FBI agent Will Graham (Edward Norton) must confront him again in order to catch another horrible murderer. You may ask yourself what point there is in remaking Manhunter (1986), but this well-told, exciting prequel to The Silence of the Lambs (1991) takes advantage … Continue reading Red Dragon


BREAK THE SILENCE. Ten years after The Silence of the Lambs comes an opportunity to catch up with FBI agent Clarice Starling (Julianne Moore) and the runaway serial killer Hannibal Lecter (Anthony Hopkins), as she is going through a crisis and he is spotted by a daring cop in Florence. This time author Thomas Harris seemed to care more … Continue reading Hannibal

High Crimes

EVERYTHING YOU TRUST. EVERYTHING YOU KNOW. MAY BE A LIE… This thriller stays pretty unpredictable – until the last fifteen minutes that echo Jagged Edge (1985) and its very popular ending. Still, it is an entertaining movie and Ashley Judd excels as the strong-minded attorney whose husband (James Caviezel) is arrested and accused of slaughtering several villagers during … Continue reading High Crimes

The Mexican

LOVE WITH THE SAFETY OFF. Small-time crook Jerry Welbach (Brad Pitt) is forced to hunt down a priceless pistol in Mexico; suddenly, his girlfriend (Julia Roberts) is kidnapped. Two of Hollywood’s sexiest stars at the time are actually separated for most of the action, which strangely enough is a good idea since there’s not much … Continue reading The Mexican

The Last Castle

A CASTLE CAN ONLY HAVE ONE KING. Three-star general Eugene Irwin (Robert Redford) is sentenced to ten years in prison and becomes uptight warden Winter’s (James Gandolfini) nightmare. I guess it’s hard to avoid the clichés when you’re making another movie about the big house, even if it is a military prison. Redford is good … Continue reading The Last Castle

The Sum of All Fears

27,000 NUCLEAR WEAPONS. ONE IS MISSING. Roughly a year after the terrorist attacks that pulverized the Twin Towers came the first movie that dared show a similar event, with a story that had European neo-fascists plotting to blow a nuclear bomb in Baltimore and make it look like the Russians did it. Not always credible, … Continue reading The Sum of All Fears

The Thomas Crown Affair

HOW DO YOU GET THE MAN WHO HAS EVERYTHING? This longish but romantic remake of the elegant 1968 Norman Jewison caper manages to preserve the flair of the original. Admittedly, there is none of the technical playfulness that made Jewison’s film fun to watch, but the suggestive, unpredictable taunting between the insurance agent (Rene Russo) … Continue reading The Thomas Crown Affair