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Merci Pour le Chocolat

Jeanne (Anna Mouglalis), a young piano student, takes lessons from André Polonski (Jacques Dutronc) who recently remarried his first wife, Mika (Isabelle Huppert), a famous chocolatier whose brews are occasionally quite deadly. A pleasant little middle-class mystery from director Claude Chabrol about two families who are intertwined by accident; there’s powerful emotions beneath the surface, … Continue reading Merci Pour le Chocolat

Downfall: Blind Patriotism

BERLIN, 1945. A NATION AWAITS ITS DOWNFALL. The man who emerges from a back room to pick his next secretary is a kind, grandfatherly man who treats the young aspirants with respect and warmth. Finally he picks 22-year-old Traudl Junge who is ecstatic about working for the great leader of her country. 1942 was still … Continue reading Downfall: Blind Patriotism

Donnie Darko: Playing with Time

DARK. DARKER. DARKO. I have had dreams where I’m being chased by Nazis in a forest. I have dreamt that I was a cast member of Falcon Crest. I have had many weird dreams, but in none of them have there appeared a large, evil-looking bunny rabbit predicting that the world will come to an end … Continue reading Donnie Darko: Playing with Time


THE FIRST SIGN YOU CAN’T EXPLAIN. THE SECOND SIGN YOU CAN’T IGNORE. THE THIRD SIGN YOU WON’T BELIEVE. Pennsylvania farmer Graham Hess (Mel Gibson) discovers huge circles in his corn field; similar events are taking place all over the world and mankind soon learns that aliens are on their way. Another fantastical concept from M. Night … Continue reading Signs

French Connection: How It Was Broken

DOYLE IS BAD NEWS… BUT A GOOD COP! In 1971, director William Friedkin was not happy at all. The French Connection had the potential to become not only his breakthrough but also a great cop movie, but Friedkin was afraid that the cast would kill it. Gene Hackman had been chosen to play no-nonsense cop “Popeye” Doyle, … Continue reading French Connection: How It Was Broken

End of Days

PREPARE FOR THE END. As the millennium approaches, the devil (Gabriel Byrne) comes to Earth looking for a woman who is the key to his kingdom; ex-cop Jericho Cane (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is on his trail. A traditional action movie for Arnold, but his character has more depth than usual. Jericho’s alcoholism and grief makes it … Continue reading End of Days

Enemy at the Gates

A BATTLE BETWEEN TWO NATIONS BECAME A CONFLICT BETWEEN TWO MEN.  Clever WWII marksman Vassili Zaitsev (Jude Law) becomes a living legend all over the USSR, but eventually has to face Nazi Germany’s best man. This multi-country endeavor avoids becoming an elephantine mess; versatile director Jean-Jacques Annaud expertly recreates a Stalingrad bombed to pieces, and … Continue reading Enemy at the Gates

Ocean’s Twelve

TWELVE IS THE NEW ELEVEN. Director Steven Soderbergh and his buddies on another vacation; the excuse is a story where Danny Ocean (George Clooney) and his fellow criminals are confronted by their nemesis (Andy Garcia) and then find themselves in Amsterdam performing another heist. By the time Julia Roberts’s character is goaded into assuming the … Continue reading Ocean’s Twelve

Ocean’s Eleven

ARE YOU IN OR OUT? Director Steven Soderbergh and his buddies obviously felt that the best way to spend a vacation would be remaking an old “Rat Pack” movie. This version, an improvement on the original, still carries the burden of a pretty tedious screenplay, but at least the filmmakers do their best to offset … Continue reading Ocean’s Eleven