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Free Money

RIGHT SCHEME, WRONG GUYS! Two klutzes (Charlie Sheen, Thomas Haden Church) accidentally knock up two sisters; their mean-spirited father, warden Sven Sorenson (Marlon Brando), decides to hold twin weddings. The filmmakers must have looked to the Coen brothers; there’s a few wild camera angles, colorful characters, crazy ingredients and a criminal enterprise. Too bad then … Continue reading Free Money

From Dusk Till Dawn

VAMPIRES. NO INTERVIEWS.  Bank-robbing brothers Seth and Richie Gecko (George Clooney, Quentin Tarantino) are trying to make it to Mexico, taking preacher Jacob Fuller’s (Harvey Keitel) family hostage in the process; what they’re not counting on though is vampires. It sounds like a great idea, and some of Robert Rodriguez/Tarantino’s fans ate it up, but … Continue reading From Dusk Till Dawn

Extreme Measures

NOT ALL SURGERY IS INTENDED TO CURE. DON’T MOVE A MUSCLE. Can you afford to have moral standards in the fight against cancer? This thriller shares similarities with Coma (1978) in the way it deals with questions regarding medical ethics. Some critics didn’t think Hugh Grant was right for the part of the curious doctor who discovers … Continue reading Extreme Measures