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STILL THE MAN, ANY QUESTIONS? The son (Christian Bale) of a wealthy real estate tycoon kills a black man, is released on bail and leaves the country; when he returns a few years later, New York cop John Shaft (Samuel L. Jackson) is determined to see him punished. When this blaxploitation hero was revived a … Continue reading Shaft

Triple Frontier

Santiago ”Pope” Garcia (Oscar Isaac) gathers a team of friends, all retired Special Forces soldiers, for a mission to Colombia where they intend to steal millions of dollars from a drug lord. A change of pace for J.C. Chandor, who’s not exactly famous for his action-thrillers – but he has plenty of help from co-writer … Continue reading Triple Frontier

The Woman in Green

FROM HER LIPS – POISON THAT BRED MURDER! Several women in London have been found murdered, with their forefingers severed; Sherlock Holmes (Basil Rathbone) soon begins to suspect who’s actually behind it all… Film number 11 in the Holmes series begins with a Jack the Ripper-type case, but then (somewhat disappointingly) turns out to involve … Continue reading The Woman in Green

Where the Truth Lies

In 1972, journalist Karen O’Connor (Alison Lohman) is hired by aging entertainer Vince Collins (Colin Firth) to write his autobiography… but her real aim is to find out why a young woman died in the company of Collins and his longtime showbiz partner (Kevin Bacon). An erotic thriller that jumps back and forth between 1972 … Continue reading Where the Truth Lies

Strangers on a Train: A Killer Deal

A TENNIS STAR PLAYS A MATCH WITH MURDER! In the early 1950s, the ever reliable Alfred Hitchcock hadn’t produced a truly memorable film since Notorious (1946), even if Rope (1948) was an exciting experiment. Then he laid his hands on Patricia Highsmith’s first novel, reportedly for a very small sum, which he managed by keeping … Continue reading Strangers on a Train: A Killer Deal

Victor Frankenstein

MEET YOUR MAKERS. In 19th-century London, medical student Victor Frankenstein (James McAvoy) helps a hunchback (Daniel Radcliffe), who has great knowledge of human anatomy, escape from a circus. We’ve seen the Mary Shelley story on the silver screen many times before, but this one chooses a different perspective – Igor’s. Much more is made of … Continue reading Victor Frankenstein

Cold Pursuit

MEET NELS COXMAN, CITIZEN OF THE YEAR. When a snowplow driver (Liam Neeson) working somewhere in the Rocky Mountains finds out that his son is dead, he goes after those who killed him… On paper this may look like another one of Neeson’s ”old-man-with-special-skills” revenge movies, but the remake of the Norwegian thriller-comedy In Order … Continue reading Cold Pursuit