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Jupiter Ascending

EXPAND YOUR UNIVERSE. Jupiter Jones (Mila Kunis), a Chicago janitor, doesn’t know that she’s alien royalty, but is soon dragged into an interplanetary battle over who inherits Earth. The Wachowski siblings’ worst movie to date is an extravagant 3D sci-fi adventure that borrows its themes from The Matrix (1999), among other films. Elaborately staged, including … Continue reading Jupiter Ascending

Cloud Atlas

EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED. The Wachowski siblings hooked up with Tom Tykwer for this unwieldy adaptation of David Mitchell’s ambitious novel that connects several plot lines over six eras, from the 19th century to the distant, post-apocalyptic future. There is coherence in terms of details and overarching themes and it’s a treat to watch a cast … Continue reading Cloud Atlas

Speed Racer

GO. Speed Racer (Emile Hirsch) is following in the footsteps of his famous brother, a race car driver who was killed on the track, but when a powerful company approaches him with an offer he discovers their dirty secret. I suppose the Wachowski Brothers have a nostalgic relationship to the Japanese original. Their take on it … Continue reading Speed Racer

The Matrix: Rage Against the Machines

THE FIGHT FOR THE FUTURE BEGINS. When Larry and Andy Wachowski were working as screenwriters on a film called Assassins (1995), they showed producer Joel Silver another script. He loved it, but not so much when the brothers insisted on directing it. Silver told them to cut their teeth on something, and that was to be the … Continue reading The Matrix: Rage Against the Machines

The Matrix Revolutions

EVERYTHING THAT HAS A BEGINNING HAS AN END. The concluding chapter of the Matrix trilogy makes you realize that the whole concept of the Matrix has now become so screwed-up that there’s basically nothing left here to engage our emotions. At least we have two grand set pieces surrounding the duller parts. The first one portrays mankind’s … Continue reading The Matrix Revolutions

The Matrix Reloaded

FREE YOUR MIND. As Neo’s (Keanu Reeves) powers are growing stronger, the humans must find the Keymaker who could lead them to the machines’ mainframe. There are moments in this costly sequel to The Matrix (1999) when you begin to wonder whether this is a computer game or a movie. But the non-stop action sequences do indeed … Continue reading The Matrix Reloaded