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The Jigsaw Man

THE GAME OF SPYING, DOUBLE CROSS, DEFECTION, BETRAYAL AND DEATH. Philip Kimberley (Michael Caine), a British former top intelligence official who once defected to the Soviet Union, gets plastic surgery and returns to Britain where he’ll try to retrieve important documents. Caine and Laurence Olivier reunited after Sleuth (1972) for a spy thriller directed by … Continue reading The Jigsaw Man

From Russia With Love

MEET JAMES BOND, SECRET AGENT 007. HIS NEW INCREDIBLE WOMEN… HIS NEW INCREDIBLE ENEMIES… HIS NEW INCREDIBLE ADVENTURES… James Bond (Sean Connery) is sent to collect a coding machine, but the whole thing is a trap set by the vindictive terror organization S.P.E.C.T.R.E. The second James Bond flick clarifies certain aspects of his universe; Q, the … Continue reading From Russia With Love

Dr. No: The Beginning of An Era

NOW… MET THE MOST EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMAN SPY IN ALL FICTION… JAMES BOND, AGENT 007! It opens with that famous shot of someone having the world’s most renowned spy in his sights, and then being shot and killed by him. This is the very first James Bond film and that introduction segues into the main title … Continue reading Dr. No: The Beginning of An Era