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Under Siege 2: Dark Territory

A TOP SECRET NUCLEAR SATELLITE. A TEAM OF INTERNATIONAL TERRORISTS. A GOVERNMENT HELD HOSTAGE. AN UNDETECTABLE MOVING HEADQUARTERS. ONLY ONE HERO STANDS IN THE WAY.  Casey Ryback (Steven Seagal) and his niece (Katherine Heigl) are traveling to Los Angeles to attend the funeral of her father when mercenaries hijack their train; it’s all connected to … Continue reading Under Siege 2: Dark Territory

A Hollywood Hurricane

Today we learned that this trailer for Ridley Scott’s upcoming kidnapping drama All the Money in the World, which opens next month, is already a thing of the past. In the trailer we see Kevin Spacey as the billionaire J. Paul Getty, but after the revelations of the past few weeks about Spacey the unprecedented decision … Continue reading A Hollywood Hurricane


HE KNOWS THE SCORE. HE GETS THE WOMEN. AND HE KILLS THE BAD GUYS! A Texas businessman (Jeff Fahey) hires a Mexican worker, Machete, (Danny Trejo) to kill a corrupt State Senator (Robert De Niro), but he doesn’t know that Machete is a former federal agent with a violent past… Robert Rodriguez developed one of … Continue reading Machete