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The Godfather: Paying in Blood

There’s a scene in You’ve Got Mail (1998) where Tom Hanks says, “The Godfather is the sum of all wisdom. The Godfather is the answer to any question”. Every guy loves The Godfather, he explains. Well, there’s plenty in this masterpiece to attract anyone. The first spoken words are “I believe in America” and The Godfather is indeed a story … Continue reading The Godfather: Paying in Blood

Dr. Strangelove: Bombs Away!

THE HOT-LINE SUSPENSE COMEDY. When Stanley Kubrick decided to turn Peter George’s Cold War novel “Red Alert” into a movie, he must have thought the material was too outrageous to be taken seriously. He started writing the script, but brought Terry Southern into the procedure to emphasize what might be funny about the doomsday scenario. … Continue reading Dr. Strangelove: Bombs Away!