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Outlaw / King

In 1304, the Scottish nobility, including Robert the Bruce (Chris Pine), surrender to the English king Edward I (Stephen Dillane)… but circumstances soon force them to rise up once again. It is impossible to watch this movie and not make comparisons with Braveheart (1995), as Robert the Bruce was a character in that story and this … Continue reading Outlaw / King

Darkest Hour: More Than Just Oldman

NEVER GIVE UP. NEVER GIVE IN. In 2014, there were two different Winston Churchill projects in development. Producer Douglas Urbanski, who was also Gary Oldman’s manager, kept nagging the actor to play the prime minister, but he dismissed the idea, unable to picture himself as Churchill. At the same time, producer Eric Fellner had his … Continue reading Darkest Hour: More Than Just Oldman

Spy Game

IT’S NOT HOW YOU PLAY THE GAME. IT’S HOW THE GAME PLAYS YOU. Upon learning that his former partner (Brad Pitt) has been caught by the Chinese, veteran CIA operative Nathan Muir (Robert Redford) does his best to help him. Another contrived action thriller of the kind we’ve sometimes come to expect from director Tony … Continue reading Spy Game