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Albert Finney, 1936–2019

A great actor and movie star, Albert Finney, is dead at the age of 82. In the clip above, an interview from 1984, he talks about finding the right way to play then-Pope John Paul II in a TV movie, adopting advice from John Gielgud who told him to borrow a few physical details or … Continue reading Albert Finney, 1936–2019

My 12 Favorite Films

Compiling a list of what you believe are the greatest films ever made is a daunting task. Every critic and movie buff has a more or less available list hidden somewhere in their minds (or plainly written down, carefully cultivated). I have resisted to do the latter for many years, even though my list really … Continue reading My 12 Favorite Films

Singin’ in the Rain: Wet and Wild

SINGIN’ SWINGIN’ GLORIOUS FEELIN’ TECHNICOLOR MUSICAL! I’m a little bothered by the fact that some of the movies we consider to be absolute masterpieces were actually received with much less fanfare by both critics and audiences at the time of their premiere. When Singin’ in the Rain opened in 1952, few people thought of it as a … Continue reading Singin’ in the Rain: Wet and Wild