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Bone Tomahawk

MAY THE LORD HAVE MERCY AND GRANT YOU A SWIFT DEATH. When Arthur O’Dwyer’s (Patrick Wilson) wife is kidnapped by a cannibalistic tribe, he joins sheriff Franklin Hunt (Kurt Russell) and a few other men on a search party, even though he has a broken leg. S. Craig Zahler’s feature debut is a horror-Western that … Continue reading Bone Tomahawk

Blade Runner: In Search of Emotions

MAN HAS MADE HIS MATCH… NOW IT’S HIS PROBLEM.  When I first saw this classic science fiction flick, I was thoroughly unimpressed. It looked great, but the story and action were so forgettable that I refused to put in the same category as films like The Terminator (1984) and 2001 (1968). As a sign of its troubled production, Blade Runner has … Continue reading Blade Runner: In Search of Emotions

No Way Out

IS IT A CRIME OF PASSION, OR AN ACT OF TREASON? Navy officer Tom Farrell (Kevin Costner) is posted at the Pentagon where he starts having an affair with Susan Atwell (Sean Young)… who turns out to be the Secretary of Defense’s (Gene Hackman) mistress. This remake of The Big Clock (1948) ups the ante by moving the … Continue reading No Way Out

Wall Street: Days of Bloodsucking

EVERY DREAM HAS A PRICE. As the credit crisis of 2008 risks putting an end to the world as we know it (at least judging from the grim newspaper headlines), it is high time to take a new look at Oliver Stone’s 1987 film about greed on Wall Street. It came on the heels of … Continue reading Wall Street: Days of Bloodsucking

Fatal Instinct

TORN BETWEEN HIS WIFE, A SEDUCTRESS AND A PET SKUNK… PRIVATE EYE IN DANGER OF SPREADING HIMSELF TOO THIN! Private eye Ned Ravine (Armand Assante), who also happens to be a cop and a defense attorney, is attracted to saucy blonde Lola Cain (Sean Young); his wife (Kate Nelligan) eventually starts plotting against him. The … Continue reading Fatal Instinct