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The Martian: Left Behind

BRING HIM HOME.  If you’ve ever been to Wadi Rum in Jordan, you’ve been to Mars. The valley has been Hollywood’s favorite location for movies set on the planet, its red sand and mountains being a perfectly convincing stand-in. That’s Wadi Rum you see in Mission to Mars (2000), Red Planet (2000) and The Last … Continue reading The Martian: Left Behind


GAME ON. In 1982, a time capsule containing among other things arcade games, is launched into space; three decades later, aliens use those games to attack Earth… The filmmakers expanded a 2010 short film for this comedy that looks like it wants to be a new Ghostbusters (1984), as it assembles a motley team (including … Continue reading Pixels

Jupiter Ascending

EXPAND YOUR UNIVERSE. Jupiter Jones (Mila Kunis), a Chicago janitor, doesn’t know that she’s alien royalty, but is soon dragged into an interplanetary battle over who inherits Earth. The Wachowski siblings’ worst movie to date is an extravagant 3D sci-fi adventure that borrows its themes from The Matrix (1999), among other films. Elaborately staged, including … Continue reading Jupiter Ascending

Red Riding: In the Year of Our Lord 1983

West Yorkshire, 1983; as attorney John Piggott (Mark Addy) discovers that a prisoner was framed for the disappearance of a young girl, Detective Superintendent Maurice Jobson (David Morrissey) suffers pangs of conscience. The final entry in this superior crime trilogy reconnects with the first film and peels back the last layers of the mystery; we … Continue reading Red Riding: In the Year of Our Lord 1983

Red Riding: In the Year of Our Lord 1974

West Yorkshire, 1974; young reporter Eddie Dunford (Andrew Garfield) starts looking into the case of several unsolved murders of young girls and finds a connection to organized crime. The first part of a trilogy of films based on the acclaimed series of novels by David Peace that (hopefully) portray an alternative history of vast police … Continue reading Red Riding: In the Year of Our Lord 1974

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

New York City teenager Percy Jackson (Logan Lerman) learns that he is actually the son of Poseidon, the Greek god, and that he’s in danger since Zeus believes that Percy stole his famed lightning bolt. This version of Rick Riordan’s first book in the Percy Jackson series is an obvious attempt to start another successful … Continue reading Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

North Country

ALL SHE WANTED WAS TO MAKE A LIVING. INSTEAD SHE MADE HISTORY. In 1989, Josey Aimes (Charlize Theron) becomes one of few women to work in Northern Minnesota’s iron mines, but she finds herself unable to put up with the sexual harassment. Loosely based on a real-life landmark case, it is a film with good … Continue reading North Country


YOU KNOW THE NAME. YOU KNOW THE NUMBER. James Bond (Pierce Brosnan) must stop his former colleague and friend (Sean Bean) from getting his greedy hands on a dangerous satellite system. The 17th entry in this series came after a six-year hiatus. It’s Brosnan’s first effort as the superspy and he’s an excellent choice – humorous, … Continue reading GoldenEye

Return of the King: At Journey’s End

THIS CHRISTMAS THE JOURNEY ENDS. So, we’re at journey’s end. Peter Jackson’s final chapter of his “Lord of the Rings” trilogy was hailed at the 2004 Academy Awards and many chose to see the overwhelming praise as some kind of summary reward for the whole trilogy. So do I, because there’s nothing in this film … Continue reading Return of the King: At Journey’s End

Fellowship of the Ring: The Beginning

ONE RING TO RULE THEM ALL. Once upon a time, there was a maker of films called Peter Jackson. This rotund, bearded man had made a few films that were internationally acclaimed. Sure, a few of them were simple splatter flicks, but he also won the approval of most critics with a drama called Heavenly Creatures (1994). … Continue reading Fellowship of the Ring: The Beginning