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The Death of Stalin

EVERYBODY WANTS A PIECE.  Moscow, 1953; the sudden death of the all-powerful Joseph Stalin sets off a panic among those closest to him. Based on a French graphic novel, this comedy takes real-life events and turns them into an absurd, icy farce. Fans of the director’s TV shows (The Thick of It, Veep) and movie … Continue reading The Death of Stalin

5 Days of War

THEIR ONLY WEAPON IS THE TRUTH. In 2008, a year after losing his girlfriend in Iraq, war correspondent Thomas Anders (Rupert Friend) goes to Georgia where a conflict is brewing with Russia over South Ossetia. Not many reasonable people would sympathize with Russia and its overly aggressive behavior during its 2008 war with Georgia, but … Continue reading 5 Days of War

The Young Victoria

LOVE RULES ALL. In the late 1830s, young Princess Victoria (Emily Blunt) is preparing to assume the British throne, but faces constant manipulation from her mother and her uncle, the King of Belgium. Or, How Queen Victoria found her groove. This project, which came about after a meeting between the Duchess of York and producer … Continue reading The Young Victoria